«December - February» 【Banquet】 Winter seafood pot and commitment course 4320 yen (tax included)

4320 yen

tax included

We invite you to cook special seasonal dishes ...! You can also make courses tailored to your budget ♪


【Winter seafood pot and commitment course】

※One case

◆ Three small bowls

◆ umbrella of freshly made iced 12 pcs

◆ Grilled Seasonal Fish

◆ Shizuoka Wagyu beef roast beef

◆ Ham salad with chicken

◆ Chicken soup stock seafood pot (Udon by request)

◆ fry

◆ 2 kinds of sushi 2-kan

★ No hope ★

· Shirako Chowpaki

· Boiled seasonal fish

· 4 kinds of sushi 4-kan

※ 2 hours with unlimited drinks 6000 yen (tax included)

※ 2 hour premium all you can drink 7000 yen (tax included)

☆ You can make a cooking course according to your budget!

※ Please confirm the number of people two days in advance.

(I will go to the confirmation phone, if I can not confirm it will be canceled.)

Cancellation on the day will be borne by the full amount.

※ Cancellation of course course is due to service course, we will drink 1000 yen drink fee.

※ Please cancel all cancellations one week in advance.Cancellation fee will be charged after that.

* Reservations by requesting private rooms are available from 6000 yen.

※ This course is until February, but we will prepare according to your request.

※ The location of the banquet will be a navel belly or a navel main store.