«December - February» Shizuoka Wagyu beef pot with 5000 yen course ★

5000 Yen

tax included


【Shizuoka Wagyu beef noodle course ★】

Three small bowls

◆ umbrella of freshly made iced 12 pcs

◆ Grilled Seasonal Fish

◆ special salad

◆ Special fly 2 types

◆ Shizuoka Wagyu Beef's special pot

◆ 2 kinds of sushi 2-kan

☆ You can make a cooking course according to your budget!

※ Please confirm the number of people two days in advance.

(I will go to the confirmation phone, if I can not confirm it will be canceled.)

Cancellation on the day will be borne by the full amount.

※ Cancellation of course course is due to service course, we will drink 1000 yen drink fee.

※ Please cancel all cancellations one week in advance.Cancellation fee will be charged after that.

* Reservations by requesting private rooms are available from 6000 yen.

※ This course is until February, but we will prepare according to your request.

※ The location of the banquet will be a navel belly or a navel main store.